How Are The Demands For Kids’ Clothes Keep Soaring?

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Did you know that the demand for newborn baby clothes online India has been increasing, especially after the lockdown? Let’s discover the reasons behind it.

It was 2019 when the baby clothing market in India made a turnover of about US$ 15 billion. By the end of 2023, this margin can scale up to US$ 22.4 billion. Western culture is largely dominating this market. 

What Factors Influence The Thriving Of Kids‘ Clothes

At first, parents made all of the purchases for the children, therefore the market as a whole depended on the secondary buyer. The quick-moving consumer generation of today has changed this oddity, allowing children to have more independence in making decisions and ordering their own clothes.

  • Nuclear families with two incomes have enhanced each household’s spending capacity, coupled with the shift in the thinking and purchasing habits of the ordinary Indian parent, who is now eager to spend more.
  • Together with safety considerations like clothes made of flame-resistant Class 1 textiles (with a flame spread of more than 7 seconds. ), health concerns for babies have inevitably raised sales of organic baby gear. Parents worry about the negative impacts of hazardous colours and chemicals on their child’s skin. This has caused them to be willing to pay extra for well-made clothing. 
  • The decisive aspect of kidswear is the variety of patterns and affordable pricing. More options and lower prices are priorities for consumers. This was made feasible by the expansion of the industry and the number of participants.
  • More advertising reach, improved customer awareness, and more effective logistics and delivery systems have all contributed to the market’s rise.
  • As a nation with many different cultural traditions, one of the biggest consumer industries today is the production of ethnic and traditional clothing geared toward children.

Larger Players And Their Entry In This Sector

All these years, a lot of renowned brands have been dominating Kidswear. Some of the most popular names among these are Gini and Jony, Firstcry, Weekender, etc. A lot of new entrants are constantly changing the market’s landscape. Even though there are big brands, a larger part of the market consists of small players. 

The higher pricing of apparel as well as accessories might be a factor of concern. Due to the lack of long-term use, manufacturers are forced to produce cost-effective clothing. However, this doesn’t change the fact that this sector remains the most lucrative one. There is a huge scope for development in the future.

Wrapping It Up

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